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Think Solar Panels are too expensive?

We specialize in solar and renewable energy products and we have figured out a way to make it affordable for everyone. Everyday we help hundreds of people with all kinds of projects around the world.  If you are seeking a grid-tied solar project you will have to use a licensed contractor to comply with most state regulations. We have a nationwide network of qualified technicians ready for any size project.

Why Solar Sale USA?

  1. You can get a grid-tied solar panel system installed with no money down.  That’s $0 to start saving!
  2. Get a check from the power company.  Get paid for the extra power you create and don’t use!baja_.crop
  3. When the price of power goes up, yours won’t. Lock in your electricity rate for the next 30+ years!
  4. Up to 50% of your solar panel system can be paid for by incentives and rebates.
  5. We can monitor your solar power system to ensure everything’s running smoothly and cover maintenance, repairs and insurance at no added cost in the rare event problems arise.

What to expect from Solar Sale USA

  1. FREE and qualified technical support. commercial carport Photos Solar support structures -40We understand the products we sell.
  2.  FREE 877 # to answer all of your questions and WOW we actually answer the phone.
  3. We answer all email questions within the same business day.
  4. 25 year warranty on the products

Solar Sale USA is a Better Business Bureau A Rated industry leader that specializes in utility scale, commercial and residential solar photovoltaic systems.  Commercial and residential property owners continue to turn to us for all their solar power needs because we provide  quality solar power services in the country. Investors, business owners and homeowners throughout the Unites States are our customers.

We offer everything!  System Design, Project Management, Incentive Procurement and Lifetime System Support. We will first determine your specific needs by conducting a thorough evaluation of your property and a financial analysis of your renewable project. We will then customize a strategy based on the needs of your project and will present you with a comprehensive proposal.  You can even purchase products in our online store.

Our project developers will take care of all the necessary paperwork to ensure the process moves forward quickly and efficiently. Our certified installers will then install your solar panel system and monitor its efficiency to ensure it continues to provide optimal results for years to come.

If you are a property owner  and would like to find out how a solar panel system can benefit you, contact a solar energy engineer @ 1-877-765-2704 for a Free consultation. We would be happy to speak with you.

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