How Much Solar Costs

Energy Efficiency

We have broken down the cost of solar so anyone can understand.


There are many components to cost of solar. A solar system can consist of photovoltaic (solar) panels, power inverter, charge controller and battery. The solar panel themselves are the most expensive components. The price range for panels is extremely wide. Because of all the various manufacturers and quality of the plexiglass, conduit and photovoltaic cells the range is $150-$700 per panel. Since panels can get pricey you don’t want to get anymore than you need. Solar Sale USA will perfectly match your goals, power consumptions and solar panel production. If you can’t afford the initial cost to eliminate your bill, we provide expandable solar system that you can easily add more panels onto later. If you plan for the future today it will be more cost effective in the long run.



No one can predict the clouds, the sun, the temperature and all these things determine the amount of power your panels create. For those that are in remote location and want more sustainable power, sophisticated charge controllers and battery storage systems assist in stabilizing the frequency of power for practical use during the day and night. These systems often range in expense depending on quality of the controller, inverter, and battery systems, all of which vary in individual pricing.

    Are there any tax incentives and rebates if I want to buy a solar system?


    The best thing about solar power is someone else is going to help you pay for it. The power companies, federal and state governments all have some type of solar incentive. Clean energy is a must as our world progresses. We cannot rely on fossil fuels forever. Solar Sale USA is up to date on all applicable incentives and rebates. Here is a brief rundown on some of the basic rebates and incentives that can lower the cost of solar if you want to buy a solar system:

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