Why go Solar? Get Prepared..

Solar Power is a reliable backup power source when combined with batteries and generators!

Residential Solutions

With solar power, you can stop spending all your money on paying electricity bills and start spending some on yourself. Make sure the power consumption of your home is sustainable and responsible by opting for solar energy!

Why choose us?

Power companies are one of the major pains when it comes to switching to solar. We are specialists in making the transition smooth.

Trust Dale Guarantee

All our packages come with a TrustDALE guarantee and the highest quality standards so you can make your purchases without any worries. Read More

Hyper Package

See why our panels produce more power than the average system.

Emergency Power

With times unknown getting prepared is the best thing you can do.

Our Leakproof system

Offering a lifetime workmanship warranty means we use the best.

Are you ready to lower your electricity bill?

Affordable Solar Energy is here

No more paying extra energy costs!

With Solar Sale USA systems, now you can not only generate your energy but also get 25% more power as compared to traditional systems. Our solar energy systems are cost-efficient, and with our expert installation services, you can rest assured that everything will get done on time.

Benefits of going solar

There are plenty of reasons to go Solar:

  • Installing a solar panel will be a financial relief to you since the cost of generating power is next to nothing. The only cost you incur is the installation price.
  • You can even save money on installation since the government offers a 50% discount through rebates and incentives.
  • Investing in solar power makes for cleaner living and reduced carbon footprint.
  • It is a renewable source of energy so you never have to worry about it being exhausting.
  • Become self-reliant by becoming a producer of energy yourself.

Why choose us?

Reliable and Safe

All our equipment meets the stringent standards of The National Electrical Code (NEC) and OSHA. In addition, we have highly-trained installers.

Qualified Experts and Advice always available

We have experts available who know the ins and out of solar generation and can answer all your queries.

Scalable Packages

If you’re not sure which Solar Panel Package is the right fit for you, you can always start small and move on to a bigger package.

Monitoring Solutions

All our solar and battery storage products come with Integrated Monitoring Solutions so your investment remains safe.

High Utility Bills are now history

Become self-reliant via installation of your own solar panel.

See if you qualify today!

We are an eco-friendly, renewable energy company providing customized packages for residential and commercial purposes. For more details Call – 1-800-961-7SUN

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Design and Integration Services

We have a 5-step design system for our customers so that the Solar Solution is as per their budget and requirement.

Installation Services

We provide turnkey installation services which include everything from the paperwork right down to repairs and maintenance.


Professional job

Did a very professional job. Well pleased. Glad my neighbor recommended.
William D.

Excellent experience

My experience with Solar USA was excellent, from start to finish. We knew very little when we started but they were very knowledgable.
Curtis M.
I knew zero about the process of having a solar energy system installed. For years, it was my desire to have a home solar energy system. Solar USA handled every aspect for me.
Rita A.


Excellent, showed up when they said, quote was fair, performed the work when they said they would.
Richard S.


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