Is Solar Right For Your Home?

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These are exciting times when it comes to the adoption of solar energy.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the U.S. installed 3.8 gigawatts (GW) of solar PV capacity in Q3 2020 to reach 88.9 GW of total installed capacity, enough to power 16.4 million American homes.

With so many homeowners claiming Federal and State incentives to go solar, it’s no wonder why people want to know if they can reduce their energy bill. Homeowners that qualify for solar save $50, $100, or even $200 every month.

Now here is the truth, not every home saves with solar. Every homeowner should check the following 3 factors to see if solar is right for their home:

Your roof needs to be qualified

How old is your roof? What direction does it face? Do you have any large trees casting any shade on the roof?

There are a lot of factors when it comes to qualifying your own roof.

Your roof will want to receive more than 1,100 hours of sunlight per year, on at least 50% of the roof. Every system is unique and varies, so a roof assessment is recommended to know how much energy your roof can receive.

Other nearby factors contribute to how much sunlight your roof receives. Trees, chimneys, and structures nearby can factor into how much sunlight your system will capture.

The best way to qualify your roof is to get a free roof analysis. Each analysis costs you nothing and will determine monthly and yearly energy savings for your home. Click here to check your roof in minutes.

Want to check your roof yourself? A great place to start is a free project created by Google. Project Sunroof is an amazing tool that will show you exactly how many hours of sunlight your roof receives each year.

Factor in financial incentives

So, your roof is qualified! It’s confirmed you receive enough sunlight for renewable energy.

Now the real questions hit..

How much is this going to cost? The best part is most homes qualify for free installation. This means not a dollar is spent out of your pocket to get solar panels installed. Your monthly bill from the power company is then replaced with solar, and the difference can be saving you thousands.

Solar panel systems are usually financed at a very low rate, but first see if you qualify for the lowest financing programs available. We never recommend homeowners to lease a solar system, as you miss out on thousands of dollars in tax credits for going solar.

What are the solar tax credits? Here is a quick run down. The Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC):

In 2021 and 2022, homeowners reap a dollar for dollar reduction on federal income tax. The current incentive offers 26% of the cost of your solar system back in tax credits, potentially saving you thousands.

State tax credits and utility rebates: Depending on your place of residence and current utility provider, you may receive additional incentives. If you’d like to know about available incentives in your area, qualify your roof today and discover how much solar can save.

Know your power bill

How much are you paying every month for electricity now? Power companies charge based upon how much electricity you consume. Typically, a monthly bill of $75 and above can be reduced with solar energy. However, you will want to know the exact amount solar will save before making a decision.

As stated earlier, not all homes save with solar. But for the homes that do, can reap thousands of dollars in savings. Our recommendation? Check your roof today, and see if you qualify for renewable energy. Get an expert opinion and exact savings amount by taking our roof analysis survey here.

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