Going Solar is the right choice for your business if you:

Right choice for own the property

Have electricity bills that exceed $200

Have a roof of 100 sq. ft or more

Looking to cut your power bill

Solar Power is known to save money for business owners by dramatically lowering their utility bills. There has been a continuous rise in the demand for electric power, and solar power is one renewable source of energy that is sustainable and can be more practically utilized for different applications.There are two major advantages to becoming solar-dependent. One is that it will lower your operating cost and the money savings can have a huge impact on your business. Second is that it is a good return on investment especially with the availability of government incentives and reduced solar equipment cost.

Solar Sale USA’s Energy Consultants can help you install the right-sized equipment by evaluating a number of factors of your business. These include your site, its conditions, building layout and any shading issues which might happen in the future. Make a sound business decision by going solar and save yourself from the escalating cost of electricity. It can also earn you the label of being a responsible part of the industry and demonstrate your commitment to a greener world with a low carbon-foot-print.



Professional job

Did a very professional job. Well pleased. Glad my neighbor recommended.
William D.

Excellent experience

My experience with Solar USA was excellent, from start to finish. We knew very little when we started but they were very knowledgable.
Curtis M.
I knew zero about the process of having a solar energy system installed. For years, it was my desire to have a home solar energy system. Solar USA handled every aspect for me.
Rita A.


Excellent, showed up when they said, quote was fair, performed the work when they said they would.
Richard S.
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