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Recent Solar Installs & What Our Customers Say

Georgia Power customers can sell overproduced energy back to the grid, using net metering. Other utility companies in Georgia also offer this solar perk.

Duke and Dominion customers also enjoy net metering, selling excess energy back to the grid. North Carolina offers some of the lowest interest solar programs in the country.

South Carolina homeowners can get up to 50% of their system cost covered, thanks to state rebates. Net metering is also available.

The Federal Solar Tax Credit covers 26% of a system cost for homeowners in Tennessee. Solar is also sales tax exempt.

The State of Illinois has pledged to be 25% renewable energy. Thanks to this pledge, homeowners can receive valuable credits who have solar.

Texas utility companies actually lead the way for rebates, incentivizing homeowners to switch. Net metering programs are location specific and provided by utility companies.

Larry McCullough

Josh and his team are the best electricians I know. I’ve had my solar tracker for over 3 years and it keeps savings us money. I’m impressed with how hard they work and keep checking on our system. Excellent Service.

Melinda Spears

Solar USA handled everything related to our solar system from all permits, paper works, tax forms, engineering, design, material order and installation. We are very happy with their service and recommend them to others

Abdul Momin Arju

Equipment is working like a charm. Last Electric Bill was $32 from $250. I expect it to be lower next time. Solar USA
took care of all paperwork. Thanks!

Paula Nielson

Very professional and qualified. Install went well and system is up and running

Why Choose Solar Sale USA?

Reliable & Safe

All of our equipment meets the stringent standards of The National Electrical Code (NEC) and OSHA

Qualified Experts and Advise Always Available

We have experts available who know the ins and outs of solar generation.

Scalable Packages

If you’re not sure which Solar Panel Packages the right fit for you. You can always start small and move on to a bigger package.

High Utility Bills Are History

Become self-reliant via the installation of your own solar panel.