Clean, Affordable and Safe!

You cannot escape paying your utility bills, especially the electricity since almost everything runs on it. The costs of consuming electricity are increasing day by day and the debate on reducing carbon footprint has put the onus of cleaner consumption on businesses especially!

Some homeowners may also be looking towards Solar Energy to power their daily lives. As the government stacks up incentives and rebates around Solar Power System, YOU should take immediate advantage of these programs and save up.

Home Solar Financing

We are not going to lie, Solar Power Equipment is costly. However, after rebates and investments, the cost is roughly between 50,000$ to 30,000$. Unlike other investment options, the return on a Solar Power System is guaranteed. Even though the star-up cost of going solar is a lot, our partners offer multiple financing options even ones with astoundingly lower interest rates.

Benefits of Solar

Although we’ve discussed the Benefits of Going Solar in detail in another section, here’s a roundup of it all:

It is eco-friendly and super-sustainable.

It increases the value of your property

The cost of energy production is zero

Solar Power helps you become more energy independent

It saves you money through a reduced electricity bill

It saves you money through a reduced electricity bill

Why you should opt for Solar Sale USA?

We understand that Going Solar is a big change and a substantial investment, especially when it comes to the equipment. We, here at Solar Sale USA, provide you with end to end solutions so that you can have everything from consultancy to the actual installation and its maintenance from one place without losing your patience. We also take care of all your paperwork and provide you with a completely customized solution according to your power needs.



Professional job

Did a very professional job. Well pleased. Glad my neighbor recommended.
William D.

Excellent experience

My experience with Solar USA was excellent, from start to finish. We knew very little when we started but they were very knowledgable.
Curtis M.
I knew zero about the process of having a solar energy system installed. For years, it was my desire to have a home solar energy system. Solar USA handled every aspect for me.
Rita A.


Excellent, showed up when they said, quote was fair, performed the work when they said they would.
Richard S.
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