Going Solar is the right choice for you if you:

Have electricity bills that exceed $200

Own the property you reside in

Have a roof of 100 sq. ft or more

Looking to cut your power bill

Reduce your Utility Bill

Most investments take time to show results and payback, however, this is not true for solar systems!
You will see a dramatic change in your electricity bill from the first day. A solar photovoltaic system that is properly sized will slash your bills by 70% to 100%. Probably sounds too good to be true, right?

If you’re a business, you can take advantage of any excess electricity that you produce by paying less for your utility bill through ‘credits’.

Greater control over your future

You will not only lock in a low utility rate for a lifetime of your system but also make your house more comfortable and luxurious with the usage of a Solar Power System.



Professional job

Did a very professional job. Well pleased. Glad my neighbor recommended.
William D.

Excellent experience

My experience with Solar USA was excellent, from start to finish. We knew very little when we started but they were very knowledgable.
Curtis M.
I knew zero about the process of having a solar energy system installed. For years, it was my desire to have a home solar energy system. Solar USA handled every aspect for me.
Rita A.


Excellent, showed up when they said, quote was fair, performed the work when they said they would.
Richard S.
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