All this talk about renewable energy sources and solar power can get very confusing, especially if you don’t understand how it works. Let us give a step-by step run down about the process and  its practical applications.

Solar Panels consist of photovoltaic cells that absorb the sunlight to generate Direct Current (DC) and convert it into usable Alternating Current (AC). The conversion takes place with the help of an inverter.The energy flows through the electrical panel of the house and is distributed accordingly. The excess electricity is stored in an electric grid for later use.

Photovoltaic Cells and its inner workings

Photovoltaic cells were first discovered by Edmond Becquerel in 1939 and were developed using silicon. When a Silicon Photovoltaic cell comes in contact with sunlight, its electrons begin to move, a characteristic of the semiconductor. This movement of electrons creates a steady flow of electric current which is captured by wires. The electric current produced by the photovoltaic cells is in the form of Direct Current. The functional form of electricity is, however, Alternating Current. This is where the inverter comes into play and turns this energy into a workable form to light up and run your homes and offices.

A standard solar panel is covered with silicon cells, metal frames, glass casing and wiring that allows the flow of energy. The glass casing exists to provide protection to the Silicon PV cells. The glass casing is insulated underneath with a protective sheet which helps against any heat release and humidity inside the panel. The insulation is important because it increases the life of your Solar Panel and slows down the wear and tear of the entire system.

When you install a Solar Panel in your home or your office, it is attached to your utility meter. This meter helps you to check the amount of power being produced by your solar system. You can also save any excess power which your Solar System produces and pay a lower utility bill as a result of that. This process is known as Net Metering and has been discussed further in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

As a long-term investment, it is only logical that you thoroughly understand how Solar Power Systems work and how they impact you in terms of running your household or office. You may also want to look up the financing options available to you and list down any questions you’d want us to answer before proceeding. We strive to be clear with our customers so that their satisfaction is guaranteed.


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