Q: What Is Photovoltaics (Solar Electricity), or “PV”?

Photovoltaic cells were first discovered by Edmond Becquerel in 1939 and were developed using silicon. When a Silicon Photovoltaic cell comes in contact with sunlight, its electrons begin to move, a characteristic of the semiconductor. This movement of electrons creates a steady flow of electric current which is captured by wires.

Q: What Are The Components Of A Photovoltaic (PV) System?

A Photovoltaic system consists of photovoltaic cells, battery, a regulator for a stand alone system, wiring and mounting framework and an inverter to convert Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC)

Q: How Much Solar Energy Power Do I Need To Power My Home?

This depends on your power requirements. Each house is different and there is not a one-solution-fit-all answer to this without analyzing those requirements.

Q: How Much Power Does The System Produce?

A PV system rated at 1 kilowatt will generate an average of 1800 kilowatt-hours a year. A 1 kW PV system could generate close to 36,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity over 20 years and close to 54,000 kilowatt-hours over 30 years. This means that a 1 kW PV system produces more than $10,000 worth of electricity over 30 years.

Q: How Much Does A Solar Electric Power System Cost?

A Solar Electric Power System tied to a grid costs $2 to $ 5 per watt before rebates. The incentives can cover 60 percent of the cost which includes the equipment, component and installation cost.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Install A PV System?

The duration depends on the size of your PV system. Residences have lower power requirements, therefore their PV System may be smaller and can be installed within 1 to 3 days. Commercial Systems can take longer from a few weeks to a month since their PV systems are larger.

Q: How Long Will The System Last?

All components of a Solar Power Equipment come with different warranties. An inverter has a warranty of 10 years whereas a Solar Panel has a warranty of 25. Other parts last 5 years approximately.

Q: How Much Space Do I Need For A Solar Photovoltaic System?

The answer to this depends on your power requirements. A square foot of photovoltaic panel yields 10 watts of power. If you require 1000 watts of power, you will need a space of 100 to 200 square foot of area.

Q: Do The Solar Panels Need To Be Mounted On My Roof?

Solar Panels can be mounted on both roof as well as the ground depending on the availability of space.

Q: Which Direction Do The Panels Need To Face?

The panels should be installed in the same direction as the roof for optimal results.

Q: Are The Panels Fragile?

No, the panels are quite strong and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Q: What Happens When The Utility Has A Power Outage?

If there is a power outage, you will be without electricity unless you have batteries involved. We usually sell ‘Clean’ Systems which means our equipment comes without a battery. Adding a battery will increase the cost of the equipment and most consumers do not prefer it as power outages are a rarity.

Q: Do I Need Batteries with the System?

If you want to store Solar Energy for later use, you require a battery.

Q: What Is Net Metering?

In case of excess production of Solar Energy, you will be credited for it using a billing mechanism known as Net Metering.

Q: How Does The Solar Power Get Stored?

Solar Power can only be stored if you have batteries installed as well. In the absence of batteries, the power is immediately used or sent back to the meter, creating a credit.

Q: Do I Need To Install A New Roof Before The Solar Panels Are Installed?

Most Solar Panels do not require the installation of a new roof. However, the roof needs to be in a decent condition prior to the installation of the equipment.

Q: What Happens If The Panels Are Shaded?

If panels are located in a shaded area, their performance will be lower. This is why is often recommended that panels be installed on a roof. Despite that, our equipment is designed to reduce the impact of shade through good engineering.

Q: Do I Need To Clean The Panels Periodically?

Panels need to be inspected periodically to ensure they are performing to their optimal level. If you reside in a dusty area, your panels will need to be cleaned at regular intervals.

Q: Does Solar Power Work For Commercial Buildings?

Solar Power works for both residential and commercial buildings.

Q: Are There Financial Incentives For Buying Solar Electricity?

The financial incentives of buying Solar Energy and plenty and usually vary from state to state. However, for your reference, we’ve listed the most common of them:

Q: Can I Use A Financing System?

The installation of a Solar Energy System comes with multiple financing options. You can opt for a home Equity Loan to make your purchase as it also accounts for Federal Tax Deductions. A home owner’s insurance policy usually takes care of your utility electric requirements and homeowners who use a Net Metering system sign an interconnection agreement.

Q: Will I Need A Building Permit To Install A Solar Energy System In My Home?

If you’re located within city limits, a Building Permit applies if you want to install a Solar Energy System. This cost is mostly built-in when Solar Companies provide you a quote.

Q: If I Sell My Property, What Effect Does PV Have On The Sale Price?

One of the best ways to improve the value of your property is to invest in a Solar Energy System. According to surveys, if you save $1000 per year in Energy Costs, it adds a value of $20,000 to your property.


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